Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sunny Thursday!

Thursday was sunny with a gorgeous blue sky the whole day!
Thankfully, the ski course wasn't ice and hard. The Tuesday snow fall was still soft and good to ski.

Those who had the chance to go out and ski or snowboard today could appreciate a beautiful view today. This is Mt. Kasadake viewed from Yokoteyama ski course, lift 2 area.

If you weren't skiing or snowboarding here, the sunshine was strong enough to wish a good shadow. Her name is Momiji and she lives at the summit of Yokoteyama, 2305 m above sea level, in Unnjyo no Yado Yokote Sancho Hutte.

This is Indy. You can find him playing all the time at Shibutoge Hotel, in Shibutoge area. He's lovely and loves to play!

Even at the top of Yokoteyama, it was a hot Thursday. Well... at least for Shiga Kogen, 4° C it's very hot!!!

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