Sunday, 8 March 2009

More Japanese meals...

For those who are spending the day at Ichinose Area, there are lots of restaurants to try some Japanese meals.

This is a very popular Japanese meal, called Katsu Kare (カツカレー): pork cutlet served with Japanese rice and curry. This one here is served with a topping of Fukujinzuke (pickles - 福神漬) and salad.

And this meal here is of the most common way to eat Katsu. Ask for a Katsu Jyu (カツ重) and you can try this - pork cutlet and rice in a fancy box with salad and pickles.

For those who prefer something more western-style, can have a homemade pizza (Tezukuri Piza - 手作りピザ) or a Spaghetti (Spaghetti - スパゲティ).

All these meals are from Tanne no Mori Okojo, a restaurant inside Silver Shiga Hotel, at Tanne no Mori Okojo Ski Area.

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