Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Perfect Saturday!!!

This Saturday doesn't remind us that is already Spring in Japan in any possible way!
The trees are all snowy again, we had some snow during the day and temperatures registered were below zero just like an ordinary winter day!
It was cold Saturday, but sunny and beautiful! At the end of the day, I was told that it was -5℃ on the ski course...

This is Yokoteyama Kid's Park and Kumanoyu Ski Area on the background.

Kumanoyu Ski courses and Kasadake

The summit of Yokoteyama hiden in the clouds, viewed from Yokoteyama Sky Lift 2.

An hour later, the summit could be seen perfectly. This is Yokoteyama Sky Lift 1.

This is Mt. Kasadake, viewed from Yokoteyama Sky Lift 2.

The Yokoteyama trees are all white again!
Yokoteyama Sky Lift 2.

This is the view from the top of Yokoteyama Sky Lift 2.

From Yokoteyama Sky Lift 3 the trees are even more snowy!

Shibutoge Area

From the top of Yokoteyama Lift 6 Kasadake is beautiful

This is the Yokoteyama Lift 6

From Yokoteyama Lift 6, you can choose a intermediate course, on the left, or a easier one, on the right.

And that's Yokoteyama main course in the end of the day.

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