Saturday, 21 February 2009

お土産 = おみやげ = omiyage = souvenir

Walking through Shiga Kogen I found some interesting souvenirs...

Here in Japan, souvenirs or omiyages, seems a very serious business.

Apparently, if you come back from a holiday travel without a souvenir for your closest friends and co-workers, it seems very rude...

How about these ones here?

Nothing more traditional than those chopsticks (箸) here!
Looks even more interesting with these Japanese ideograms. You definitely had been in Japan!

I found these at Shiga Aspen Hotel, at Giant Ski Area.

This beer is made of rice!

And these beers are interesting because Shiga Kogen is the name of the beer... and you don't have the chance to tasty beers like this everywhere...

And this dark beer here is Caffè espresso taste!!!

Do you like beer? Do you like coffee? How about a Espresso beer? ;)

I found these beers at Hasuike Ropeway Station but you can find it in many other shops and hotels in Shiga Kogen.

And finally, it seems a good choice for those who wants to try a very tradicional Japanese sweet but it's not a adventurous kind of person. Choco Mochi is made of rice but the chocolate taste will be just fine for every western taste. You can find it at Hotel Heights, Hotaru Onsen Area.

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