Friday, 6 February 2009

Great chat in the morning

This Friday started with a light snow but the sun is shining from time to time too.

This morning I had the chance to talk with these nice guests.
She’s from Osaka and he’s Australian. They spent 5 days in Shiga Kogen and it was very interesting to talk to them.
Frank Hujber, has spent most of his 63 years-old chasing the snow season everywhere in the world. From Canada and US to many countries in Europe, he’s skiing everywhere and every time it is possible. Also, he worked as a ski instructor in Australia.
So, with this huge background, I had to ask him what is the best thing about Shiga Kogen, and he said here is the most beautiful place he had ever skiing in his life! In these 5 days, he and his Japanese friend skied through all Shiga Kogen. They completed the challenge card in 3 days and proudly exhibited they “Shiga Kogen ’08-’09 Challenge Master” pin. From all Shiga Kogen, he especially liked the view from the top of Yokoteyama, where they spent the last 2 days skiing.
Hujber skied in Shiga Kogen last year and enjoyed so much his stay that he wanted to come back here this year. Also, he told that he definitely will be back as soon as he can. Unfortunately, it was a short ride by bus to talk about his experiences in the snow field so, the last thing he want to say is remind us that life is to short so we all should enjoy it as best as we can, spending as much time as we can doing what we really love to do. He knows what he’s talking about!
It was really nice to meet them! And I hope to meet them again!

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